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Hand-carved Olive Wood Jam Pot/Jar

Hand-carved Olive Wood Jam Pot/Jar


A truly unique handcrafted wooden Jam jar with a lid made of natural olive wood.
A beautiful unique grains in each item that has been aged and treated with olive oil.

* Perfect for keeping Jam in a both hygienic and enjoyable manner
*Decorative pieces for your kitchen.
* A beautiful gift for those we love (wedding gift, mom birthday gift, Christmas gift, special occasions...)

Dimensions (Approximate):
* Height: 4 inches/10cm
* Diameter: 2.35 inches / 6 cm
* Depth: 3 inches/ 8 cm
* Weight: 400 gr

This product is hand-carved out of one piece of wood each piece is completely unique.
As these are handmade products, shape, size and style may vary, measurements are approximate.
This item is a natural bio-product, strongly advised by doctors and health specialists. it does not contains any chemical, it' s more hygienic and ideal for all kinds of foods. The Olive wood has natural anti-bacterial properties and is very hardwearing, therefore more hygienic than other metal or plastic products.