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Olive wood plate with 5 holes

Olive wood plate with 5 holes


A special, 5 holes Olive wood plate /dish, very good quality and eye-catching look, ideal for presenting appetizers, Serving Candy Walnut, fruits...et.
A beautifull gift for those we love (wedding gift, Mum Gift, Birthdays, Special Occasions ...).

Dimensions (Approximate):
Length: 11 inches (28 cm)
Width: 11 inches (28 cm)

This product is handmade carved olive wood, measurements are approximate, each piece is unique and presents awards of irregular grain, knots, or various dimensions
This item is not paint, it is natural, raw. It is a natural bio-product strongly advised by doctors and health specialists. it contains no chemical, it is more hygienic and ideal for all kinds of foods.

*** Tips ***
* Hand wash only, never put wood in the dishwasher.
* Clean with a soft sponge, warm water and soap.
* Dry with a soft cloth after cleaning.
* It is recommended to apply a coat with olive or vegetable oil on the item occasionally to prevent drying of the wood.
* Avoid soaking in water or exposed to heat or sunlight.